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Got my vital signs checked | Dynapack + Dynojet

Hey guys. I'm pretty much done performance wise with the car for now so I wanted to get a read on where the car stands. Since Dynapack hub dynos are known for their accuracy, I searched one out. Who else to talk to but Pencilgeek. Thanks again for all the help and answers to many questions. My run files will be uploaded by Pencilgeek.

I stopped by Garage Tuning in Orange to use their Dynapack. They work on a lot of Subaru engine swaps/custom fabrication/engine rebuilds/BIG power Subbies.

Engine mods: BMC Air Filter, Powerchip Custom Tune, and Akrapovic Full Exhaust.

Let me also address the DCT + Dynapack issue. When running on a Dynapack, the car will shift from 1st to 2nd, but no matter what, will not shift any higher. To get around this, using NGC's suggestion of disabling ABS, I was able to get the car to upshift. The car was dyno'd in 4th gear and the gear ratio corrected by Pencilgeek.

I pulled fuse #82 to disable ABS. Please chime in on this if you have some insight on a better way to disable ABS.

The results. Sorry I have no baseline to compare it with.

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As I was talking to Robert about my Dynapack results, he generously squeezed me in for a Dynojet run at Specialty Z the next day. I was interested to see how the two machines varied in measurements.

Getting all setup. I forget the guy's name, but super cool dude. Friendly and explained a lot to me as well as shooting the breeze about some of their 1000 hp 300Z's. I think he said they have a car in the 9's already or soon to be in the 9's.

Similar in HP reading as the Dynapack, but the torque did drop. Note: Powerchip did make an adjustment to the tune between the Dynapack and Dynojet (one I might need to have changed back ). It's hard to say if it's just because of different machines, but there are SO many variables within each machine already that affects end results. Conservative AFR's

As a bonus, here's a photo I took at Bimmerfest (and the only photo I took so I can't make a thread with just one pic). Thanks again Robert for all the help.

E92 M3 - DCT - 20" BBS LM-R - KW Clubsport - Akrapovic Exhaust - Powerchip Tune - Arkym Aero Kit - HID Halo

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