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Looks like an X to me. Not that your system is not beautiful, but your price is outrageous and you must tune the ECU for yours to not get a code. The difference between the X you see pictured here and the X in your design can only be minimal at best (if at all).

I'm also curious about your cats being high quality. I've asked numerous times for more info on them. CFM comparisons mainly or if they are a ceramic or metal matrix cat. I've never gotten answers on either. How come yours produce codes?

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Is this a true X pipe?... looks like a stamped H pipe similar to the factory design and Encore's Design..

X pipes have sharp inside edges.... these look like a commercially stamped design incorporated into an exhaust system (notice the welds before and after the 'H) meaning it would not have the same "extraction" affect of a true X pipe... and is obviously much cheaper to make...

btw, a 200 cell cat is freer than our 300 cell cat ( only makes sense, cells per square inch ) means it should easily turn on the CEL. The "High Quality" portion is misleading since we certainly arent using "low quality" being ours are 300 cell.

Interesting read from quick google search:

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