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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
You have to have a baseline from the same car to really make that statement.
+1. No 2 engines are the same. Not to mention, I saw a difference of 7whp between my 3 runs. So its really hard to tell if (A) the exhaust made any difference at all (B) the exhaust is making more than 4whp on a motor that is less powerful than tut's, since there's no baseline to dispute that or (C) our motors put out identical stock numbers, and the exhaust is truly making 4whp

Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
What does IRB's car have in it?
I just have the Active Autowerke exhaust

Originally Posted by mixja View Post
It is just me or is that AFR curve whacked - 15:1 at 5300RPM and higher below 5300RPM??
We had to use the tail pipe sniffing method, which isn't the most reliable. I couldn't get my A/F because the operator didn't want to clamp it too tight onto my tips. He was afraid it might damage them, and the car kept blowing the sensor out of the pipe.

Originally Posted by Cab5er View Post
Whats the correction factor? How does this translate to the crank? Did BMW underate the M3's numbers?
SAE correction factor. It was a nice cool day, which resulted in almost 20whp I guess you could do the math. Both cars put 340-345whp down, and stock they are rated at 414. At 340whp, thats a 18% loss. A loose rule of thumb is 15% 2wd, 20% awd. I'm sure you can throw a +/- 5% in there with that loose rule of thumb. At 18%, I'd say its about right, but nothing close to under-rated.
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