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problem with winter tire rotation from back to front

I had a problem this year, I bought last year pirelli winter tires for my M3 (18's on 8inch wide rims all round).

when I put them on this year, I wanted to rotate my back tires to the front and put the front ones in the back.

the problem is that there's a pretty big vibration in the steering wheel. the same thing happened last year when I put on my LM-25's (after loving the during their first winter) prompting me to buy pirelli's at the beginning last year.

Do you have any idea why spending a winter as a back tire makes the tire unusable as a front tire?


1st winter: LM-25 first winter, perfect
2nd winter: LM-25 rotation front to back, vibration in the steering, bought pirelli's, no more vibration
3rd winter: rotation of the pirelli's front to back, steering vibrations, put the tires like they were last year and everything went back to normal.

what causes this problem?