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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
Well, 5 less lbs. of "unsprung" weight at each corner (from my old M6 Reps, which were 25 lbs. each; the VS7s are 20 lbs. each)...does anyone know approx. how much 20 lbs. of "unsprung" weight equals in "sprung" weight?
I've hear anything from 3-1 to 5-1, but really how do you measure?

Did you notice a big difference in steering feel going to the lightweights? I know I did, immediately, but I lost about 11 lbs per corner.

As for the M5, I don't doubt that it happened exactly the way you said...with your mods and his extra weight at less than triple digit speeds. For all we know he was carrying 8 extra gallons of fuel (8x6=48 lbs) + 200 lb passenger.