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Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
Ok, I use a Bavarian Tech tool for code reads and haven't had codes erased due to the delete-r. I've tripped codes to test this in the past.
In Bavarian we trust Hahaha, I'm joking. I am leaning towards the delete-r at first. The warranty here is only two years and three months have already passed. I will wait with the tune.

Originally Posted by estrader View Post
save yourself the trouble and second installation fee. If you are already having doubts about the loudness of the Slip on, before it even arrives, you probably are looking for something significantly louder than stock. You will be disappointed. I was like you when I got the slip on, and then 3 weeks later ended up buying the other half. I liked the look of the slip on, the tone, but something was really missing. When i got the full system installed, boy was it night and day, and just PERFECT.

btw, the slip on is about 15% louder than stock AT BEST...maybe even 10%.. no one but other m3 drivers would notice it or hear it unless you were going WOT. I remember I had my brother drive the car with the slip on and i drove behind it, i really had to listen very carefully for the exhaust note. Now, with the full system, i did the same test and its just there and loud, you dont have to listen for the sound, u just hear it.

also have the deleter i want the tune, but im going to bite the bullet and wait for warranty to expire.
Thanks for your comment. I will also install directly the Evo. I find the stock exhaust too quiet. It sounds good, but it is not loud enough. I like the bassy sound of the Evo at lower rpms that's what I am also missing with the stock. I think the Evo is the right one for me, because you get power gain, weight reduction, great build quality, sound and it look so much better than stock.