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Originally Posted by dsm918 View Post
Yeah some 2008's maybe be under 40k but i havent seen any decent 2009's under 40k. Even the 2008's are more like 39/39.5k. That is 7k more than what he is asking. No comparison there.I just sold my 2003.5 E46M3 with only coilovers for 29.5k. With the mods, it would've gone for 34-35k. I ended up doing better selling the mods separately bringing the total to 37.5k.

Any car and especially these kind of cars are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for them. It is extremely hard to find a clean E46 nowadays so the asking price here is not out of the ordinary. I'd rather pay 4-5k more for a clean, well looked after car rather than buy a lower priced car that hasn't been taken care of.

smoking crack, and I feel bad for the buyer as that's a lot $$$ to pay. Shit there's a MINT e46 right by me w/ @ 30k miles for mid 20s. I sold mine (look me up on M3f under talontid) for cheap 2 years ago.

And what you wrote contradicts your next post about me wanting to sell my car for a profit. Again, welcome to the real world, America! where people buy and sell things all day!! I have owned @ 26 or so cars and I buy and flip em. My car is also MINT!!!

Anyways, good luck OP that car is def badass, and if someone has the 6 months required to look through your journal they'll see they're getting a good deal!