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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Do you actually think your "Thank you for Smoking" style non-debating posturing really influences the small minded among right wing voters?

You are obviously not stupid enough to believe your own BS yourself. So what I don't get is why you thing people on the right wing are so stupid that they will actually buy your Nick Naylor act? How insulting to right wingers.

Every single issue you have re-re-re-raised in this post has already been answered over and over.

Everyone knew Obama's father long before he ran for office. This was known before Obama's first copy of his certificate of live birth was made public. It was known before the second copy of his certificate of live birth was made public. Yet all we heard was "why doesn't Obama just show his birth cerfiticate and this will be over."

It's over.

Going to an Islamic school doesn't remove Natural Born US citizenship.
Visiting a foreign country doesn't remove Natural Born US citizenship.

Stop the Nick Naylor act.
It looks like you are jumping to all your conclusion with absolutely no support. Your re-re-re answers are conclusions with no foundational support. There was no discussion. You just are convinced you already know the answer and that everyone should accept your conclusion because you already know. You will need to persuade that your answer is correct, rather than dismiss questions as if they were nonsense.

For those who all they wanted was to see a long form birth certificate, they may be satisfied. For those who had the long form certificate as part of the question, they have only seen part of the question answered. For those who do not accept the evidence as untampered, they will require more convincing. No matter how much you think this is put to rest, are you aware that discussion continues in webspace, airwaves, and around the water cooler?

Suppose everyone accepted the birth certificate as valid and that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. What about the rest of the questions that are re-re-re raised? They have NOT been answered no matter how many times you claim they were.