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What does God knowing the future have to do with innocent kids dying?

Well, a crazy thought comes to mind: How come he doesn’t spare their lives. I mean, he is omnipotent!

To God our lives are but a flash in time. Our time here on earth is a fleeting second to him. It's like when one of my kids has something that seems so bad to them, but since I can see the big picture of their lives, it really doesn't affect me much.

How do you know this? Is there any evidence I’m not familiar with? Does above statement imply that you are God-like?

Would you really want to know everything that was going to happen in specifics for your whole life? That's a ridiculous suggestion.

I never said anything of the kind. I asked:

Can omniscient God, who
Knows the future, find
The omnipotence to
Change His future mind?

If he knows how things play out, why didn’t he spare 9-11 victims?

You seem to want God to provide a perfect world.

I never made such claim. I asked if God is so powerful, why the need for human suffering? For his voyeuristic enjoyment? He could have made us so that we all believe in the first place.

Well he will, but for only those of us that accept him. And it looks like you're not going to make the cut.

Why is accepting a specific God (in your case JC) so critical? A person can live an admirable life, not hurting anyone, helping others, and still go to hell? And what about 1.5 billion Muslim? Hindu? Jews? Buddhist? They are going to hell to?

It would be reasonable to ask yourself if you might be wrong, and they are right. You aren’t going to make a cut either if they are correct.

I guess if the whole world were true, really believing Christians, we might have the world that you so desire. But since we have atheists and muslim extremists, we just won't be able to get there until God intervenes, and hopefully he will do that soon, because man seems to have no ability to get it right.

I never said that I desire world according to Christianity!! Please be accurate to sustain any debate credibility. At least I capitalize out of respect, so you can do the same.

You see all the horrible things in this world and you blame God. God has given us a chance and we're blowing it big time. Maybe if we all got out the Bible and followed what it says, and lived our lives like it instructs us to we wouldn't have these problems. But no, you would rather keep on blaming God and living like YOU want to live.

What chance did we blow, and when? I don’t blame God. I don’t believe in it. I’m trying to point out how logically false the religion is. Why would I live my life on a 2k year old, man made, morally outdated, guilt tripping book?

Mankind needs to stop blaming God, and look at how we live.

I live just fine.

You know, you seem to spend most your time on this board arguing against God and against religion. What does it matter to you if people have religion in their lives? Why can't you live and let others live? Why are you so obsessed with debunking religion? To me, it seems that you are very unhappy and very bitter about something, and I say this in all honesty, I pray that you will find peace in your life, and that whatever is making you so unhappy will be taken from your life.

I feel the need to call bullshit when I see it. Religion hurts me on election day. I don’t want my kids to be taught intelligent design in science class. I support separation of church and state.

I have a great family, job, house, car and friends. Please don’t pray for me, you might jinx it.

Like I said before, go ahead and mock me, you're just doing what God knew you would do.

Well if I told my kid that we have an invisible dragon in our garage and that other kids might mock him about it at school, I’d be right. When you make extraordinary claim with zero evidence, of course people will mock you.

And yes, the Bible does predict the future, and yes it was written by men, who were inspired by God. Believe it if you want, or don't believe it. That's between you and God, and if you're wrong, you will have to explain yourself to the almighty creator of this beautiful planet and this beautiful universe, may God have mercy on you when that time comes.

If God exists and I get punished for not believing without evidence, I wouldn’t want to be a part of that bizarre sky-party anyway!!!

I get so sick of listening to you people blather on about how there is no God. Well if that's what you belive then fine, believe it but stop acting like you're so much smarter than everyone else, who's so stupid to believe in and worship God.

I never called anyone stupid. Too bad you feel that way. I never said I was smart. I just ask legitimate questions that disturb you. You need to accept the fact that when you support belief in supernatural without evidence, that people's level of respect for your thought process will decline.

I don't believe in Budha, but I don't waste my time mocking those who do.

Because there is no Buddhist knocking on your door telling you that you’ll burn in hell if you don’t accept Jesus. Your kids are not going to study Buddhism in science class!!!

And one more thing Christians and muslims DO NOT worship the same God. Let's just get that straight.

I never said that they do. But what if Muslim are right? No virgins for you!

Here's an idea for you all, get a life!!

I have a life, thank you very much. I can prove it too.
And here’s an idea for you: Get evidence!!
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