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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Morning Sal, long time no speak.

Looking forward to seeing some dynos of your own!
Long time indeed.

I have hundreds of dyno tests of my own. Reminds me, I need to send you the test of your own intake system.

I sent you an email about this whole STD subject some time back.

I have been on this forum way before Evolve ever offered any products and from the very beginning spoke about dyno testing and manipulation.

When I see so many people being confused by different correction methods and not actually knowing the effects of correction factors I feel it's important that the public is properly educated in these matters.

Other forums have taken the information on and now fully understand. They are now vigilant of correction factors and when SAE over or under corrects. They understand that STD correction boosts figures and it's simply not realistic.

Unless of course we all start just looking at STD correction then it's fine.

All this is about is looking at everything fairly.

It's not an attack on you in any way. You may want to ignore this and carry on what I consider to be marketing. That's your choice and no one can force you to show valuable data.

Valuable data

- 1 x SAE graph showing max values
- 1 x SAE graph showing conditions
- 1 x uncorrected graph