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Originally Posted by e92involved View Post
Cool! I get mine next week as well. What color are you going to paint/finish them?
Matte Titanium - the same as pictured in this thread

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And you forgot the people who setup their cars with the most expensive high end track parts but never go (and/or if they ever do they're slow as ****)
Very true. I'm a member at AMP (120 days of track access!) and I'm lapping more people out there.

Last friday I finished work early and spent an hour at the track and here are some cool examples.

After a few laps of warm up... I'm chasing an ultima gtr (with an ls6) and slow lotus: (watch through carousel) (i'm on street tires

Here I let a nice vette by so I can chase him. he had coilovers and sport cups. fun.

Here's a slow-going elise nom nom nom