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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Momo, if you're talking about over stock, yes. This is corroborated by Longboarder's dyno linked above, where he shows not only gains that big or bigger over his OEM exhaust, but also torque deltas of almost 50TQ at certain parts of the rev band.

It's also corroborated by our discussion (mine and longboarder's) of Malek@MRF's car which is putting down slightly higher than 400 HP to the wheels, using nothing other than the MRF (full) exhaust) and a tune. No intake, no pulleys, nothing else.

But, if you're talking about N/A gains over AKRA, then that's another story. I'm not aware of any dyno's of the MRF Midpipe compared to an AKRA midpipe on an N/A car. I'm assuming this is the situation //M3THOD was referring to when he said doubtful. While i wouldn't go so far as to say doubtful, I would reserve judgment for a proper dyno on an N/A car.
I meant over an akra. I already have test pipes on my car, but if this were to give 16hp/16torque MORE, then that would be exciting! But sounds like this will only benefit SC cars