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Originally Posted by Kaane View Post
Can't use results if they were not dynoed back to back. I saw 20-30whp differences on dyno on bubu's VT1 Kit last year at EAS just on different days.

10-15 degree difference or humidity makes a huge difference how these cars react. Next time please dyno before and after on same day if possible.

The graphs are temperature and humidity corrected. If you've read my posts throughout, I don't argue that temperature and humidity could not have played a role here, in fact I admit they can. My point is that after STD/SAE correction, what little hasn't been corrected for, cannot explain the size of the gains.

One thing you don't distinguish above is whether the 20-30 whp differences you say on bubu's car were while viewing uncorrected or corrected graphs. I personally have never seen 20-30 whp differentials on a corrected graph, if you're talking about the exact same car, same mods, same fuel, etc. I can certainly see those kinds of differentials happening on an uncorrected graph.

Another important factor here is that the weather conditions tugged in opposite directions. On day 1 (dynoing the Akra Midpipe), the temperature was hotter, but the Humidity was very low. On day 2, (dyoing the MRF midpipe) the temperature was cooler, but the humidity was considerably higher.

I will definitely try to get another dyno day going soon, and try to do back to back runs of the Akra and MRF (and maybe even OEM midpipes). Might be some time away though Thanks for the feedback.

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