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I tried all the holes in any combinations.
The front you can't use the 4th, it interfere with the light hight adjustment on the driver side.

The first and second were too stiff in relation to the rear.

on the rear, I broke the rear using the stiff settings. Before I broke it, I was mostly on the middle hole (70% stiffer that stock)

The majority of my track days were on 70% front an d rear, but I feel that the front was stiffer than it should have been. Because the front was on 70%, I had to put the rear on at least 70% to fight normal understeer tendency of the M3.

To make long story short, I switches to H&R which are non adjustable and 50% stiffer than stock front and rear. Because it is non adjustable, the end is like OEM length and does not interfere with the light hight adjuster.
I have not had the issue with using the 4th hole. You should be able to work around that with different end-link lengths or mounting style. In fact I switched from Eibach to Hotchkis in order to correct some fitment challenges I had with the Eibach bars. Specifically the Eibach's rubbed my rear shocks. This was due to the fact that the Ohlins TTX utilizes an in-line reservoir in the rear which makes the shock diameter larger than typical.

FWIW I'm using them and I'm in middle stiffness in the front and full soft in the rear. I have not had understeer issues. However you run a narrow front tire - that could be a contributing factor. There's also dampening settings that can influence understeer. As you know, sway bars are one of multiple ways to adjust under/over steer characteristics.
>> However you run a narrow front tire - that could be a contributing factor.

Sometimes I ran narrow tires slicks (235/35)
I also ran 245/35, 265/30, 265/35 and 275/30 on the front. So i have variety of experiences.