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Originally Posted by Montaver View Post
Shadow - Are you referring to the full ground control coil over conversion kit? Looks good. Full camber and height adjustment, with a selection of Eibach springs. Anyone got this and reviewed? What spring rates did you choose? Based on the DINAN doc I read, the stock dampers are good for another 10% but I would guess thats conservative.
From what I've read, the height adjustable spring options for stock dampers all ride like crap. Too much spring for the damper.

The two B12 kits I have on order (not for either of my Ms) are Eibach ProKit springs (the same ones people use with stock dampers) along with Bilstein B6 or B8 shocks. Neither of the cars are EDC so these are non-EDC versions of them.

I've run the B12 on 4 cars, totaling around 300k miles and it's always my go to option. Even for the track, they work very well.

I suspect a blind test between most of the 'street coilovers' and the B12s would be favorable to the B12s every time