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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Thanks to memeber sdiver68 for this information,

Original post here.

My post directly following his was:

OMG how many times did I have to say it??? Totally under-rated. Even conservatively this thing has a 15% total transmission and drivetrain loss. With all the extra shafts it could be closer to 20% (more efficient maybe than a RS4 drivetrain but more shafts/bearings as well). This means the engine is putting out about 560 - 590 crank hp.

Now we know the whole story...

I also just re-ran the power to weight vs. N'Ring lap time regression with 560 hp and found it to be outperforming the linear fit by a mere 1.7 seconds. Previously, we found in the regression thread that is was 25 seconds faster than the model predicted. If the car really had that good of a driver and tires as good as I expect they are the time is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL. It is just like a drag car getting a good drag strip time. hp rules even at the N'Ring.

Talk about dishonest and over-hyped...

That being said 560 hp for $70k is amazing and the car is darn fast.
Different Dyno, Different Day, Different car (of the same model). Have you ever seen the difference in numbers on a car strapped to a dynojet as opposed to a mustang Dyno? Mustang Dynos read 15-20 percent lower than Dynojets on average. I HIGHLY doubt Nissan would keyword: "Massively" under-rate their flag ship car.... And I only read the first post ftr