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SMG track rat here. Everyone has different opinions regarding the SMG, but I think once you learn how to drive it, taking into consideration shift timing and all that, it is truly amazing! I love the SMG around the track! The shifts are very responsive at high speeds allowing you to set up the car right at the last second before you brake and dive into a turn.

AckM3 is right, it is a little "clunky" in the city and repair costs can be astonishing, but that really goes without saying for any track car. You should expect to burn through brake pads faster than the spread of wildfire and tires, depending on how often you plan to track the car will cut holes in your pocket as well. I would suggest upgraded brakes and suspension for the e46M. That is all it really needs as far as I am concerned, but as for the transmission, it's a big win in my book. Let me know if you have any direct questions and I may be of more help.