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Originally Posted by GreenPlease View Post
All nike all the way here, granted two of my friends are on their staff and I get the stuff for free. Actually, three of my friends now that I think of it.

-prototype generation 4 tour head, diamana white shaft, 9.5 bent to 8.5, 44.5"
-generation 3 3wd, diamana white shaft, 15 bent to 14.
-prototype VR irons, tour grind, 0 offset, "standard" lofts and lies, X100 shafts
-prototype VR wedges, custom grind (did it myself). 56/14 bent to 54/12, 60/11 with a custom "C" grind. S300 shafts and a crap load of lead tape
-Nike "oven" putter. Don't know if it's on the shelves yet or not.
-Tour d ball

Honestly, I suck for equipment recommendations. I've been playing blades for so long now. Here's what I do know:

-Stay away from Mizuno. They lost their top engineers about three years ago.
-Roger Cleveland now works for Callaway. He's a legend in the industry. Their ball is pretty good.
-Bridgestone makes some really good stuff.
-TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and Nike clubs are all made in the same factory in Taiwan. TaylorMade has the lowest rejection rate which means they have shit quality control. I recently tried their penta ball, however, and was markedly impressed with it.
-Titleist isn't what it used to be.
-Ping's last generation of drivers looked and felt pretty good to me.
-When it comes to drivers, its all about the shaft, the heads are pretty much all the same, center of gravity aside. Finding the right shaft is a vudoo science, don't let anyone tell you differently. When looking for a shaft, find one that puts too little spin on the ball without dropping your ballspeed. Chances are, under the gun, your spin rate will go up.
-If you're going to get a new putter, make sure it is NOT facebalanced and make sure it has grooves.

I played at the junior, collegiate, and professional levels (not successfully professionally) so I have quite a bit of experience under my belt and I'd be more than happy to field anybody's questions.

Wow, I don't know half the stuff you are talking about, but it sounds nice.

In my bag:

-Taylormade R7 Driver
-Taylormade 3 and 5 Wood
-Taylomade Burner Irons (Haven't had them fitted yet)
-Titleist Vokey 56 Degree Wedge
-Scotty Cameron Studio Putter
-Either Bridgestone E7 or Titleist ProV1x balls

I am in no way a collegiate or professional level player, I have a 16 handicap, but I do enjoy the game very much.