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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Has anyone else running the PFC rotors noticed that the centering ring is ever so slightly larger than the stock rotor's? It makes it impossible to center the rotor on the hub and results in a wheel vibration that feels like an imbalanced wheel. I can't seem to get a returned call from PFC in the 3 months that I've been leaving them messages. I've run dozens of cheapo centric rotors and never had such a poor fit as these $900 rotors.
I do like the design of the PFC rotor but I will certainly be keeping a watchful eye on mine after reading this thread.

The rotor in the 1st post does look a bit glazed but the stress cracks don't look that bad to me. Perhaps it's hard to tell from the picture but the cracks don't seem to run to the edge of the rotor. My stock rotors looked about the same when I ditched them for the PFC's.

OMG!!! Balancing the wheels kills me since I have the PFC rotors!! Now I have an answer!! I rebalanced my front wheels at leat 4 times, have the front suspension recheked two times, and no one could figure out why I have the steering wheel vibration. It starts about 75-80 and it is very very annoying!!
I will reinstall my old rotors and if it is the PFC rotor i will never ever get close to any PFC product!!!