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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
Just curious but where do you usually get fade at RA? Seems like an easy track on brakes to me, but I've never driven anything over 250hp there.
Well, at Road Atlanta you generate a lot of heat in the back straight slowing down for the 10a-10b complex (walk to that location and watch how red/orange peoples brakes get there) and then again on the front straight entering turn 1. For me after a good 3-4 laps with no traffic I get notable fade slowing for both turn 5 and turn 6 even though both of these especially turn 6 are reasonably fast corners. If I don't watch the brakes I'll get more and more fade on subsequent laps, but I'm not usually trying to see how hot I can get my brakes and will back off a tad or more often than not, traffic slows you enough to have full brakes back in less than a lap. I'm running Pagid RS-19s front and rear and Castrol SRF (this year only, don't think it's any better than Motul) on otherwise stock brake system (except for ducting).