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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
From Eibach, H&R Sport, and RDSport. Which do you guys think would be the most comfortable to least comfortable and provide the best performance to least performance?

I've heard quite a bit about the Eibach's and H&R's but when it comes to RDSport, not much has been said other than it gives the lowest drop out of the three. Can anyone chime in who has had experience in any or all of these springs?
You will find all kind of experiences about which one is best in this forum, but the bottom line is that the more you drop the least the OEM shocks will last; although you will not find reported problems right now in this forum, the reality is that it is simply too early to tell the effects of lowering springs to the OEM shocks longetivity. Therefore you need to consider as well what to do about the OEM shocks, especially about the EDC if so equipped. That also will affect comfort and performance, even more so than aftermarket springs with OEM shocks.