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Originally Posted by bga23 View Post
Suspect most of us are really too young to be able to put together this list. We think of the great programs last 10, 20 or maybe 30 years but they've been playing college football for over 100 years.
Not to mention how the game has changed since then, and how competition has changed as well.... Certain teams have come and gone from the limelight to extremes (e.g. Navy), while others have been near or at the top for pretty much the whole time while shitting the bed when it comes to NCs (UofM). Hard to really make a list. I guess it just depends on what factors you weigh most heavily when making the list.

I put a little weight in all time winning percentage, so my list is a bit different:

1. OU
2. Michigan
3. Alabama
4. USC
5. ND
6. OSU

But I don't know.... Any of those could be flip flopped or moved up and down a couple spots and I'd still probably say "meh, that looks OK too"....

It's just a really hard list to make.

Originally Posted by BabyrayS2k View Post
Also I always take "bleacher report" with a grain of salt. It doesn't help that the article is from 2010. BAMA has added another trophy to the case since then.
Absolutely, I take it with a grain of salt as well. All lists like this posted by sources like that are going to have to be taken with a grain of salt. The only reason I posted those examples is to show how different peoples' lists can be, depending on what exact parameters they're using to make that list.

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