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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
I've had many instances where I just wanted to open the garage but had to pull the key out and turn the car on (not start it) and then open the garage.
This is sort of what I'm getting at - I am pretty sure I have to actually start the car for the Homelink buttons to be powered. Now, I did only have the key in my pocket (with CA) rather than in the ignition slot, but tried turning on accessories with Start button, and Homelink didn't work.

In other words, it made sense to me to have to have a key with me and turn car on. But having to actually start it seemed weird, and is what I was trying to find out if this was just my car, or by design.

I agree with the security points above. Using wall switch works fine, but in August in AL having the garage open the extra minute or two while unloading from car makes a difference in temperature change in the garage. Insert "January" for the Yankees.....

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