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Homelink remote - any way to work with car off?

After being somewhat mystified at the seeming randomness of my first programming attempt, slogged through this again last night. Problem I had was garage wouldn't open from inside, or close once car was parked. Yep, I had several times, and just couldn't break the code.

In clearing and programming again last night, realized that the remote only works when the car is running, not just when the electronics are switched on. This is fundamentally different than how I would ever have envisioned this to work, or how it has on any other car I've owned. As a matter of habit and safety, it just has always made more sense to me to have door open when I start the car, and have car off before shutting it, both for emissions and the fear of an inadvertant clutch slip. Yeah, call me paranoid.

Was going to post hear asking if this is something different with my car, but from a quick read and search the implication is that I am not alone. Not to mention the car having to be running to program.....

Is there a practical and relatively straightforward way to modify this, or am I just stuck either starting the car 6" away from a closed door, or carrying an opener remote with me also?