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Your thoughts on upgrading my DSLR

So this morning I found myself on Amazon about to pull the trigger on a Canon
EF 50mm f/1.8 II or possibly an EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens for a solid indoor lens to use when I shoot live bands... and now I'm also really thinking I should upgrade my camera body too.

Heres my story...

I've been shooting digital for about 3 years now (shot film for like 5 back in HS and a few semesters of community college). Right now I'm about to make a big switch and instead of going into the Art Education program at UW to teach, I've made up my mind and will be transferring into an art school in 6 months (not sure which one yet as its down to Illinois Institute of Art or Columbia College) once I finish up this next spring semester here in Madison to get a full BA in photography instead of a teaching certificate and little to no photography training.

Right now I'm shooting with a Canon 20D that I've had for the 3 years I've been doing digital work. It's not a bad camera at all but I just feel like there is such good technology out there right now that its become an antique. The 2 cameras I'm looking at are the 50D and the new 5D Mark II. There is about a $1200 difference in price between the 2 of them, and regardless to buy either one I'll have to take a loan out either from my parents or allocate a little extra into my student loans (which I have no problem doing and paying for in the long run).

I guess I'm just wondering everyones thoughts on what I should do... dare I go for a $2800 camera while I'm still in school? Is the technology on the 50D sufficient enough for me to use right now? I'm sure I'll probably want one like a 5D mk II in 2 yrs when I graduate from Art school won't I... so should I just buy it now so I'm not just pissing away $1200 now on a 50d?

I dunno... just confused on which one to consider is all. Anyones thoughts would help.

Thanks guys/girls.


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