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Originally Posted by jiggax23 View Post
does anyone know if any of huskers prior auctions have had reserves set on them? because if they did, its plain and clear that the "mistake" card they're playing is an obvious lie.
Yes, most if not all of them did. At least those of the recent past that still had the details acessible. Aside from that, quite a few of the deals they made were actually done via the BuyItNow feature. Only few had an active bidding history. The few that did actually looked surprisingly fishy (i.e. hints to shill bidding).

I don't think ebay motors is a good idea at all. Personally, I would NEVER make a binding on a car that I have not tire-kicked and test-ridden. Neither would I enter a transaction with a dealership I have not felt up personally before. Don't get me wrong, I do quite a bit of ebay, buy and sell, new and used stuff alike, but it just is NOT the bet idea for buying cars in my book. But maybe I am just old and reactionary.