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I don't think that the pictures are sufficient evidence to say that there's any kind of foul play involved. Is it conceivable? Yeah, sure. It's also conceivable that when I go out my front door to go to work tomorrow there'll be a new 911 GT2 parked behind the STI with my name on the title and the keys in the ignition. Conceivable, but not likely.
No, and with my post I wasn't trying to imply any foul play. Those pix are from the eBay auction in question. But it's something I immediately noticed.

It's just that with a car like this (an expensive sought after current M3) one would expect everything to be picture perfect. The other day I was having my R serviced at Volvo of Santa Monica and I walked by the BMW dealer next door. Their floor room cars were spic and span inside and out.

I'm just surprised that a car like this would show stuff like that. Brand new should have no obvious spills, etc. and should be immaculate as from the factory. There's no reason to use Armor All or whatever. Both my Volvo and my BMW were absolutely perfectly clean on delivery.

I guess I feel that this dealer (Husker) isn't very particular or just doesn't care about the details. To me, it simply looks bad.