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Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
I would have the insurance take care of it. It was an act of God, you did not plan for the snow, so it should not go against you on your insurance. It should be part of your comprehensive part of the insurance. I can understande if you were driving like a maniac, but this weather related.
If the car hits another car or something that is stationary it is a collision. It doesn't matter how bad the weather was. (Perhaps continuing to drive was ill advised.) Bending a wheel on a pot hole is treated as collision.

Comprehensive is when your car is damaged as a result of something that was not a collision, typically includes theft, vandalism, tree limb, hail, etc. Something other than another car that hits and damages your car is covered by comprehensive. A bird strike or a rock thrown up cracking the windshield for example.

Spinning out into a curb is going to be a collision.
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