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Originally Posted by AMJ_77 View Post
Hey sparky don't talk about the soilers on here! You will turn the board into crap just like their play. I went to 10 games this year, guess how many they won? 0! I will put that money into mods instead of paying a bunch of underachievers salaries! I will not renew my package next year. Screw you oil! Wow / end rant.

I will talk to modern auto-body tomorrow, thanks boys.
I know...depressing topic. I will say one thing about the Flamers, at least they have a GM that knows how to be a GM. Some of his trades have been Sather-esque. Too bad Kevin Lowe was such a monkey. Ugh..I have to stop...I just unloaded a year's worth of expletives at that donkey's ass Tom Gilbert and my wife is chasing me around trying to stick a bar of soap in my mouth.