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I'm trolling a bit but from a product line standpoint, the RC-F currently holds the top of the line spot of Toyota performance cars.

Entry level: GT-86 ($28K)
Mid Level: A90 Supra ($50K)
Flagship: Lexus RC-F ($80k)

Toyota execs must've seen this and decided not to make the Supra too powerful so that it did not cannibalize sales of the RC-F.

Hopefully, I am wrong, Toyota has said that they want 3 sports cars and hopefully they realized that the RC-F is a GT sedan for older sugar daddies and not close to a sports car. That would mean that there is still another sports car in the works by Toyota, maybe MR-2? but if that's the case where does it fit price wise? in between the $50k Supra and the $28k GT86?

Who knows at this point but I hope we get a $60k car with 380-400hp and some more neat stuff

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Is it 420 where you are?
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Lmao I think you mean the LFA, that's what should have been the Supra.
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The only way the RC-F is going to beat the GTR, in any test that involves moving, is if the driver of the GTR is stuck at line because he's laughing so hard.
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Really? I guess I missed the TOY GT-R killer = RC-F and all of its 467hp.
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