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Only one I would consider is the wheel and tire insurance. $800 for 5yrs is a pretty good price when you consider that one PS2 will run you at least $350 before installation, balance etc. Comp. Pkg. wheels are another $400+. If your roads in bad, likely worth it.
Actually reading the details it says "repaired or replaced". That probably means they will never replace a wheel only the tires. And damaging the wheels on a curb is not going to be covered. Roads are excellent quality here.

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If you want a clear bra, have it done by a third party...
ok. my thinking too.

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I would pass on all of those. Since you're in GA, I'd highly recommend Keith for a clear bra if you decide you want one. He'll install a very high quality film and his prices are quite reasonable.

He does a lot of work doing vinyl wraps and I know he's done a lot of high end cars and also did a lot of Wranglers for the local Jeep dealer.

His website has a ton of Lotus stuff on it, since that's what he drives. But I'd have him work on any of my cars if he was any closer.
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Thanks all 3 for answering, I will not forget.