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Originally Posted by PKL View Post
Enlighten me. If you don't want the 359 wheels ZCP seems like a waste of time. Go with EDC, get the 18s for "free" and sell those... You'll still get your $2000 for BRAND NEW wheels and tires. This would actually leave you "up".
Here is why you failed to understand the point that I was attempting to make. I stated...

...Because with the exception of a small few who have money to burn, money/mods usually come infrequently. The ZCP may serve as a means of having a nice looking vehicle until the money is earned to modify it. The ZCP package wheels nearly pay for the package itself (..when sold on the forums). I sold mine for $2k the day after I purchased my car.

My point was that not everybody has the money to mod right away (..if at all), but they may prefer the look of the ZCP wheels. The fact that you can recoup most of the cost of the package when selling the wheels is just a plus. Sure, you will have to purchase aftermarket wheels, but you would have to do that regardless. OEM 18's are not in demand like the 359's (..or the 220's to a lesser degree), and IMO, they don't look nearly as good. Modding is a money pit anyway! You will always lose money.