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Originally Posted by PKL View Post
Zcp costs 2400 (I don't even remember if that's how much it is)

Sell your wheels for 2000 you're at 400 spent for EDC.

Buy new wheels and tires for $3k, you are "down" $2600.

Buy EDC for $1000, sell 18s for $2000, up $1k. Buy new wheels and tires for $3k, you are down 2000.

So if you want to sell the 359 wheels, you are up 600 if you don't get zcp. I guess you could say the $600 is for the 10mm drop.

Sorry this is sloppy I'm in financial statement analysis class on my iPhone.

I'm no expert here as I've never bothered to look - but if ZCPs are going for 2k, I highly doubt you can sell the stock 18's for 2k. If someone has a recent example otherwise, please enlighten me.

Here's how i look at it:

ZCP (2500) = ZCP Wheels (??) + EDC (1000) + 10mm drop (no hard value associated)

That means so long as a person selling their wheels gets more than 1500 dollars for them.. they MADE money in theory.

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