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So, we all know the console is active in the PC version. So maybe posting this is useless since if you wanted to trick the game you could just use the direct console command. But for some odd reason though, this satisfied my wanting to work at it while also meeting my urge to max out Smithing to make Dragon armor.

Basically, the easiest way to level Smithing is to 'grind' on iron daggers. The trick is that, every time you save, close to desktop, and restart the game the vendors will restock their iron ingot supply and cash reserves. So, it started over time where every time I hit the city I'd buy out the iron ingot supply and spam it on daggers. Then I hit ~70 and just wanted it done, so then I just ran the above cycle (buy, save, close, restart, buy) a few times to finish it off. Got my suit made last night, its nice running with 325 armor. I still need to enchant it though.