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Originally Posted by michaelpnett View Post
Anyone else tired of hearing people refer to the 1M, X5M, and X6M as not true "M" cars?

These cars are all phenomenal.

I had to listen to a colleague with an S4 explain to me how my X5M was not a true "M" car. I wanted to punch him in the face and then laugh as I left him in the dust.

I had an E92 M3. The X5M is certainly an equal without question.

Sorry for the rant.....
Uh, how old are you?

Seriously, they are an "M" car and you take what a Volkswagon owner tells you as law? The X5M and X6M are without a doubt a "M" car. The 1M can be debated but IMO it's a "M" car.

This is a non-debate IMO.