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This is from RaceCar Engineering 6 years ago in 2014 regarding Cosworth and their PU. Please notice the stated timeline for the Power Units. Mercedes had no advantage. It was all known to any interested party. Including VW who insisted on an I4 ICE configuration which is relevant to their product line. The ICE configuration was changed to V-6 in 2011 AFTER VW decided to stay away from Formula One, once again.

Mercedes simply did a better job than everyone else. Good on them and shame on everyone else. You don't punish the valedictorian of the class because there are 5 slapdicks who can't learn their schoolwork.

*So just all because VW didn't want to continue...with what engine the V8? FIA changed it in a flash to V6 hybrid.How convenient.
Then how come Lauda told Montemezollo in confidence that Merc were ALREADY WORKING on a hybrid V6 way back in 2007 as I have already written.
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