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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
My friend , actually there's more involved in this latest discussion regarding the power of the Mercs PU .
It's regarding the Mercs ERS-system : Allied to the combustion engine are two hybrid systems, one recovered kinetic energy of the car under braking (ERS-K) and another recovers the kinetic energy of the turbo charger, although in typical confusing F1 parlance, this is a heat recovery and the moniker applied is H for eat, so this is termed ERS-H.

MGU is a permanent-magnet brushless AC electric motor. It will both power the car as it deploys the stored energy, or it can work as a generator to put energy back into the battery. The battery is a pack of Li-ion cells, that are capable of rapidly deploying or storing lots of energy to the MGU. In between these two is the Control Electronic unit, which converts the AC electric of the MGU to the DC of the battery.

In terms of power, the ERS system is capped at 161hp (120kw)
From what we know the Benz has an huge advantage in the F1-FE regarding the electric battery power system .
This latest advanced electric technology is also used in the Mercs F1 PU's .In terms of power, the ERS system is capped at 161hp (120kw)
But by the latest observations It's for sure that the Mercs can push the ERS power stronger through the same lap .
By this technology the Benz can store more electric power in the advanced storage of the battery .
In generator mode the ERS-H can be used in several ways; some simple, others more complex and some probably still secret.
Yes this was demonstrated by the Mercs holding top speed longer on Sochi straight with RB losing time as reported by Max saying losing 6/10 sec per lap.