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Well, the first I drove was this truck, it was my dad's and let me use it, this is not ours in the picture, but damn close in color after I worked on and restored it when I was 16. I still have it by the way and it is a project vehicle for my son and I now.

Bought this as my daily driver for $250 when I worked on the above. This look very close to what mine looks like, i had silver strips down the side.

When the above was total when a college kid came home after partying too much and hit it parked outside my GF house at the time. I then went out and bought this, mine was black.:

The above got me through college and sold it for the same price I paid for it which was $250.

After college I had some real money since I had a real job so I bought this new car, which end up being the wife's car, once we drove it to California for my job.

Because this was the wife's car I went out and bought this while in CA. It was this color when I bought it, but it was a really bad Macco Paint job and the pain was chipping of so I completely re did the car and painted it white.

I personally did not have a new car until I bought my 335I in 2006, all the other new cars went to the wife since she refuse to fix cars on the side of the road so I always drove the fixer uppers.