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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I don't "give" money away either, but I don't walk out of a restaurant leaving zero tip when the waiter did nothing wrong. Like I said before, the OP is assuming a lot by thinking he brought out $5's as the smallest bills thinking he would get that for his tip. If the OP really wanted singles, he should have corrected the guy and said, "Hey, I need singles for this $5." Instead, he took the easy way out and just left. Why so afraid to confront the waiter?

He also said the service was "marginal." To me, that's pretty vague. Personally, I think the OP was just looking to justify a reason to be cheap.

If you want to be cheap then that's fine, lots of people are cheap. Just don't try to hide behind the fact that there was some sort of conspiracy against you by the waiter when there probably wasn't.
It's a little ridiculous to say he did "nothing wrong." He clearly didn't do things correctly and at least should have given some sort of explanation. Any competent waiter would know bringing back zero singles on such a cheap meal would seem like a douchey move.

Looking back, I don't feel bad at all. Now I wish I took the 50 cents too...

Regarding what someone else said...I actually do see people with means being more careful with money. Poorer people do seem to tip better despite bad service. Just a feeling I have based on my idea if it's true. I am a good tipper when service is good or even pretty good. This guy was marginal and made a dumb move.