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Originally Posted by E90 87ss View Post
You guys feel bad for waitresses and waiters what about delivery people... They make even less after gas and wear and tear on their vehicle... Very few places provide drivers with a vehicle and the $1.00-$1.50 delivery charge that some places tack on to the bill isn't much. Food for thought I guess...
That's a very good point. I don't like to have food delivered for this very reason (plus I feel lazy if I don't pick it up myself).

Half the time when I go to a restaraunt I feel it would be easier if I was the one able to go get my food and bring it to the table. I would rather tip the person cooking my food than a waiter/waitress because ideally all the waiter/waitress does it write down the order, pass it off to the ones actually responsible for preperation, and sometimes give it to you. A lot of the time I feel a waiter/waitress can be eliminated by having a computer at the table to make orders and you get the food/drink yourself when it is ready.

This is a somewhat relatable story. I used to work at Lowe's Home Improvement and if anyone needed to have their car/truck/van loaded, I was usually the guy there who would do it. I never expected a tip to do that because I felt it was part of my job. Often times I would say "that's not necessary" but if the person insisted I would take it. Most times I preferred to help do that because it was nicer outside than having to work at the register or at the door as security.