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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
Yep, got my 20 bucks at Best Buy too.^

Finished the campaign. Shit was awesome. Matchmaking is solid. I'm actually loving firefight and forgeworld. Seriously, mess around with the options in firefight. So funny.
Fucking love firefight, my buddy and I lasted 65 minutes at our best try on Normal, and around 35 minutes on heroic.

Have you tried regular multiplayer mode? Juggernaut game mode is funny as fuck. Especially when you change the juggernaut options and give him 300% speed with low gravity, runs faster than a fucking ghost (a good way to balance it is to take his health down to about 75% and give him fast regen shields).

P.S. Rocketfight + Jetpacks = win

Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
Kinda have to make it yourself, but you can. It's not even that expensive, if you DIY it.

And here's a video guide on making it for the PS3. It's essentially the same for both consoles.

Thanks man. Read thru the DIY guide but holy shit, too expensive and too hard. The reward for doing it would be epic, but I am too lazy to do all that shyte. Hopefully one day there will be an easy, plug-n-play solution.

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