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Originally Posted by graider View Post
i did mention in my post x6 35i and 50i. I was giving him x6m as a baller option. imo I would choose the x6 35i over the s4 anyday. It would do better in deep snow over the s4 too. So my opinion is not fanboy, but truth. Did I mention I would pick an infiniti SUV over it. You can clearly see I'm going with sense more than being any fanboy of audi or bmw.
Listen, these comments of fanboy is both negative and has no bearing on any discussion here. The OP asked a question about the S4 and all he's getting from quite a few people is misleading info on different models that really have nothing remotely in common with either an S4 or an M3. If you genuinely believe that an X6 35i is anything remotely similar to either of those two cars then I'm amazed, I'm driven the brother's X6 (you've probably seen it in photos of my M3) and I can tell you that it's nothing like the S4 and definitely not the M3. It bounces from bump to bump and on anything other than a smooth surface it takes a handful of brave pills to barrel down a road at speed. If my brother posted on here he would second that opinion, in fact he can't wait until 16 months when he's lease is up and return to a Cayenne.

Originally Posted by graider View Post
the s4 is not a sport sedan and it doens't look exciting. so sorry, but I have to choose an SUV over it if I want one for winter. there is no point whatsoever to choose an s4 due to awd because there are so many other awd that can do the same.

60k for an S4 is a huge rib off btw.
It is a sports saloon, find me many reviews where it's against the 335i and doesn't come out on top. So if that's your opinion then you must think even less of the 335i. I suggest you drive and I mean really drive an S4 equipped with the sportsdiff and don't come away a little impressed.

Originally Posted by graider View Post
I saw you defended footie in other thread, so I guess you like audi more. That's why you ignored the part where I mentioned x6 35i and 50i and called me a fanboy. x6 35i is 55k MSRP which is about the same price as the s4
So are we basically saying that anyone who remotely agrees with some of the things I write means they are somehow a fanboy for Audi. Does this include everything or only my comments regarding Audi?

Seriously, give me a break. I'll listen when you've contribution as much as I have.