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Yes, the S5 is beautiful indeed. To my eye, it's much more visually appealing, inside and out.

So why did I order the 335?

1. I tend to option out all of my cars...mostly because I'll have buyer's remorse saying "I wish I would have sprung and got this or that." Although no official pricing has been released for the S5, a loaded one is going to be significantly more money than my loaded 335. With all options, fees, and taxes (including gas guzzler), I anticipate the price of the S5 to be just over $60K. I got my 335 for just under $49K out the door.

2. We are in a time of rising gas prices, and while I understand we don't have it nearly as bad as other parts of the world, gas is still expensive (for me, at least). I don't know if I could deal with a thirsty V8 day in and day out. The 335's fuel economy will be much better than the S5.

3. I live in the northeast, and while it would be great to have a fast, sporty, secure AWD vehicle, it's not really an absolute necessity. Here in NJ, we get 2-3 significant snowstorms a year, so it's nothing too crazy. In my experience, a good set of snow tires is slightly better than an AWD vehicle. And what about rain? Well, I never do spirited driving in the rain anyway.

4. BMW vs. Audi leases. Based on what I know, Audis have terrible residuals and therefore have terrible leases. I'll be driving my 335 for literally $350-$500 less per month than the S5.

5. Modability. I'm not obsessive about modding my cars, but I'm more than likely going to be getting Procede to take advantage of the turbos and the potential in this car. With the S5, there's not much you can to match this. I'll have much greater performance in the BMW for thousands less.

6. I've always wanted a BMW, so it was time to make that dream a reality.

I'd be lying if I said money was not an issue. For me, a lot of it comes down to value. A $50K car is a big step, but $60K and a much higher lease payment was a bit of a stretch, as nice as that Audi is going to be. Also, I considered the G37 because of the value, but I just do not like the way the car looks.