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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
Name me another team without their 1 option in the lineup for an entire season and make it that far deep into the play offs like pip did. They had a very competent players and phil.

you two cum in voicing your opinion on whos better, then Ja decides to ask for mine? i gave it to him, he in turn wants to sway me over to agree with his wtf? face it, other great bball minds already gave theirs on whos better. phil/tex/wooden>hodges/inspire/Ja. have a good day LOL
Trololol. I didnt try to sway u over anywhere.. I just want u to provide facts that wud state kobe is better than mj or that mj had better teammates.. Have u done so? Loool. U said mj was JUST an offensive machine wen pip wasnt around and we both know the truth(see above)

Pip didnt make it alone u might have forgotten how he benched himself wen pjax turned to kukoc for game winning.. It went in btw if u have forgotten

How about playoff performances where players do shine the most.. Kobe airballed alot during his early yrs.. Played at a low 45% percentage where jordan was near 50 with defences of bad boys and the great celtic team. I dont wanna mention but kobe almost cost the game 7 against celts jackin up 3 late in the game FORCING IT lucky rondo was guarding pau and pau was there to save him and get the offensive rebound.