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Originally Posted by Kasé Zomé View Post
Stock for stock, an Evo X will eat up an STi in almost every quantitative performance test (and most qualitative ones too). I came off an '08 Evo X MR (had it for 3 years) into my E90 M3 and they are worlds apart. I say test drive all 3 back to back (same day) then make your decision.

If you can "easily" afford an M3, then get one and slap on an ESS blower kit... you'll never have to look over your shoulder for 99.999% of the STis behind you.
True, hell I'd say stock for stock & mod for mod an evo wins... either way, I feel that if you can afford to even consider an M3, don't even bother looking at cars in a level below that of the M3. It would be like me going a few years ago saying "I want the Evo X, but should I consider the Civic Si?" is this thread even still alive? I think all points have been proven.