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Originally Posted by Krozi View Post
I changed my diff and tranny fluid when I bought the car used with 17k miles.
Did you put stock fluids in there? I ask because tranny fluid only seems to be available in a 5L jug. And the diff fluid that doesn't chatter is ridiculously expensive.

Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
I believe that unless you complain about differential noises, BMW uses non FM booster fluid by default
Indeed. But a ton of cars develop that noise. Mine started to do it with only 4K+ miles on the oil, and I drive the car like a grandpa compared to most of you here . Honestly rather put Redline, RP or something with FM than stock (all are 75/140 gear oil). I'm not spending $50 a freaking pint when I'm going to change the oil every 2 years at 8K miles or so. Take care.