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Originally Posted by Prowess Symphony View Post
Im worried that my edits wont look as good as some of the originals haha.
Originally Posted by bpsu07 View Post
Is there any good guide for post processing? I need some help Most of my pics go through level, contrast/brightness. Very basic
An indirect point to this thread is also constructive criticism. I'm not intending this thread to be used by anyone to stroke their ego. Some people here have put up some pretty sweet stuff in the past while, at the same time, others have asked for help. I see this as a thread as a mix of both...requesting help, seeing what's possible, sharing ideas, etc... I have lots to learn as well.

I realize there some might not want to share what they do and that's fine. Although I would hope it isn't out of someone not wanting to think their pix suck w/o lots of post-processing.