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Originally Posted by revster View Post
You've got it backwards.

He's being unfairly treated as the #2 driver despite his performance this year.

That's why he's cross.
You have a point in regard to some aspects, however he clearly is not a team player. He has decided it's him vs. Vettel. When no one else was making such allegations (Istanbul). Then the cat got out, and now everyone sees. You either are a team player or not. The difference is that if he was a team player, none of this crap would have reached the public's eye. He would have taken it up in confidential meetings and if a suitable solution isn't found, he would have left.

Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
i dont think its all on him, the car is not set up for him. No one expect him to be a contender this year, next year should be a diff story since it he will be driving a car he helped develop
Webber has been at RBR since 2007.