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Originally Posted by quickbmw View Post
Theres some rumor that BMW "de-tunes" the U.S spec BMWs, can anybody confirm if the U.S versions are watered down versions of the original high performance european spec models. I know that the emissions have to be modified to meet u.s standards, could this be the reason for the significant difference in throttle response and overall power/feel of the car?
You really need to get some better

US-Spec M3 S65B40 engines are tested under the SAE HP standard here in the United States.

Euro-Spec M3 S65B40 engines are tested under the DIN HP standard in Europe and the rest of the world.

420 DIN (euro-spec HP) = 414 SAE (U.S. spec HP)

Same engine, same power, just a different way of calculating the final numbers.

/ thread.
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