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Originally Posted by sfbimmer13 View Post
I have been running the BFG R1's 265 front and 285 back with great success - after I got the camber on the stock suspension set to -1.54 front and - 1.2 something in the back there was absolutely no understeer anymore. So if I assume that a square setup would turn the car into an oversteer machine with a pretty loose least with my camber settings.

I have done 10+ track days on the R1s and I am very happy with them
I didn't realize that camber was adjustable on these cars - that's great! Based on your August posts you're running these on 18x10 TR Motorsports rims, right?

So far BFG R1's are the tires getting the most positive response. Has anyone got experience with Nitto NT-01's or Hoosiers on the E9x M3?